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When it comes to seeking pediatric medical care for a child, many parents/guardians seek the age-oriented treatment even before the child is born. While this should be the same process for choosing a child’s dentist, people do not always seek a pediatric dentist right away or wait until the child is much older to consider seeing one. This is where people need to realize how crucial seeking a board-certified pediatric dentist is.

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Benefits of a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

At Raymond A. Ramos, DDS & Associates, we have team members who are board-certified pediatric dentists with the knowledge, training and professional tools to provide the proper level of oral health care a child needs. Along with that, our team strives to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for the child to relax during an appointment.

There are many more benefits to seeking a pediatric dentist for your child and key differences that make it necessary.

While people are much more inclined to want to seek dental treatment for their children with a regular dentist, it is not wise. Even though a regular dentist can treat a variety of oral health issues in older children, teens and adults, they may not have the skills and tools to treat the specific needs of children. Contrary to what adults may think, children need dental treatment even for their baby teeth.

By scheduling an appointment with us, we can begin to build a positive impression of dentistry and oral hygiene with the child. Benefits of seeking professional treatment from a board-certified pediatric dentist include:

  • Professional specialized treatment for children
  • Customizing treatment for each individual patient
  • A comfortable environment to help ease the child into treatment
  • Examining a child’s teeth and catch early warning signs of an issue
  • Preventing decay in child’s teeth
  • Promoting healthy oral hygiene habits

We can help the patient feel comfortable at the idea of receiving dental treatment. Reasons for why adults avoid seeking dental appointments for themselves is a strong dislike or even fear of dental checkups. This dislike usually forms from negative childhood experiences. Fortunately, we can help to build positive experiences with children patients.

Services for a child’s Needs

We understand how difficult it can be for parents/guardians to help their children stay on top of their oral hygiene. Even if they monitor the child when brushing before bed, the child may not reach everything in the mouth. Since it is not always convenient for a child to bring a toothbrush to school and brush after each meal, they need to make oral hygiene count. This can lead to a buildup of plaque that can turn into an infection.

In order to help children receive the proper dental care and maintain healthy teeth, we have various procedures that other general dentists may not offer. In some cases, these procedures are quick, painless and effective in helping to protect the teeth. A few of the specialized services we provide include:

  • Baby root canals
  • Kids dental crowns
  • Dental fillings for kids
  • Cavity treatment for kids
  • Dental checkups for kids

The Dental Checkup Process

During a regular appointment, we will examine the child’s teeth and their medical history. The parent/guardian may also be present throughout the appointment to answer any questions and help keep the child calm. Fortunately, our team has the skills and training to be patient with children and help them relax. There are also treatments that do not take long and can boost the protection of a child’s teeth.

One such treatment that is easy to administer to children is the dental sealant procedure. Dental sealants are a type of paste the dentist applies to the biting surfaces of teeth to help protect them against infection. After placing a gel on the tooth, it will quickly dry and harden. This gel will help the sealant adhere to the tooth and remain in place. We will then place the sealant on the teeth and use a blue light to harden it.

This process can only take minutes for each tooth and is painless for the child. The sealants can last for several years or more and provide a layer of protection to the child’s teeth. Since children should see a dentist by one year of age or no later than six months after the first tooth emerging, there is no reason to wait.

Seek professional pediatric dental treatment at our practice today by calling and scheduling an appointment. We can help keep your child’s teeth healthy and lead them toward a future of oral health.

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